"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." -Emerson

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Crossing things off the bucket list...

The bucket list. That list of things you wish to do before you kick the bucket. Truth is, mine is not that long...I really just want to love hard, grow, and become as Christ-like as possible...no, serious. But, I do have a couple of other things on that list. One of them is to live at the beach. I have such a desire to have the ocean be my backyard, smell the salt in the air, and watch the sun go down every night on a rocking chair on a double decker porch.

Well friends...I can officially cross it off my list. I am sitting in an amazing beach house while we look for a house. It is incredible. The beach is literally a block behind us and on our front porch is the most amazing view of the intercoastal waterway.

There is something so centering about the ocean. I am completely off kilter these days and need to get back to my center. There is something about looking out into a vast ocean and realizing the creativity that exists in our Abba Father. There is no way to feel closer to the Lord than to sit upon a pile of sand and just look out into a never ending horizon. He knew I needed this at this exact point. He knew the events that would occur in my life before, during and after this move and how I would need His deliverance and peace. He gave it to me in the form of showing His greatness and strength through the beautiful landscapes He created.

I am just thankful that this family of mine will spend the next 2-4 months in this beautiful place. I am thankful that I just know that God is going to use this place for some rest, some healing, and some mercy. I need that desperately right now in my complete brokeness.

In other news, military life is still oh so uncertain. There is a chance we may be sent to another base for our permanant duty station, about 45 miles northeast of this one. We are going to volunteer for it and I am praying it works out. The reason we want to do it is because the area here (not at the beach, but the base) is just not the greatest area to live in. Imagine strip clubs and fast food joints for all the enlisted guys...not exactly family friendly. I feel a peace as though God is going to send us to the further base. I was reading our pastor's blog from our Florida church and he mentioned that his friends were visiting church one Sunday from NC. His friends had started a church in NC. Well, I clicked on the link and the church is located in the town we would live in if we have to go to the further base. It sounds silly, but every place we have lived I have found our church before we got there. I knew exactly the church we were meant to be at before we got to the new place. With this move, I didn't feel like I found it yet, then I clicked on the link from the pastor's blog and I felt like I found it. Only problem was it was too far from where we were being sent. Then, two days later, Rick talks to his friend who is here and told him they were sending guys to the other base. It seemed like a sign. Rick and I started talking and he said he'd rather be at the other base too. So, be praying...we'll see what God has in store.

Here's to crossing things off the bucket list...

Until next time-


Christi said...

Sounds wonderful! ;-) I have to be content with the ocean sounds from Wesley's sound machine for sleeping... it doesn't work (for putting him to sleep) but it DOES relax me! ;-) New Bern is a great town!!! I pray it all works out... enjoy your beach house!!!!

Katie said...

You've got such a great spirit about this! This is exactly how Zach and I felt when making our decision to move to Corpus Christi. We weren't exactly sure why we felt we were being called to go back to Texas, but we trusted in Him and have been exceedingly blessed! Each new day is revealing to us more of His plan for our small family in Texas.

Enjoy your beach house! The only thing I know about NC is what I've read in Nicholas Sparks books and your beach-time living seems to go hand in hand with those books! Haha!