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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Free Ice Cream...

Today G. and I went on an errand run all across town. Afterwards, I took her to the park and then out for ice cream for her willful cooperation during our trek. While in the ice cream store, the man in front of us started chatting. He noticed my USMC sweatshirt and asked if I or my husband was in the Military. I said my husband, of course (all though we all know who the REAL Marine is in this relationship ;) ). He asked a couple of questions about what he did, when he was going to deploy and the like. He told me to tell my husband thank you for his service.

After we got our ice cream, G. and I went to pay. The woman at the counter said not to worry about it because it was taken care of. I asked her by whom and she said that she and the man in front of us had split it. I was a little taken aback, but it is not in my nature to argue with free ice cream so I graciously accepted and fed G. her treat.

This has only happened to us twice where someone has paid for something for us when they found out we were military. It always shocks me. I guess I forget what it is we are a part of sometimes because we live in a world that doesn't quite appreciate the military like it once did during the World Wars. I am used to getting laughed at when I ask for military discounts and "ma'am, everyone here is military, we can't give discounts" so imagine my surprise when we get a thank you.

I know this life is tough sometimes, and we haven't gotten to the truly tough stuff yet, but I also know it is filled with blessings. I have friends who are worrying about job security or health care for their children and those are things we never have to even think about. Granted, my friends don't have to worry about the daily safety of their spouses when they go to work, but even that is not true. None of us are guarenteed tomorrow and while my husband could get injured doing what he does, he could live a long life of health while someone like my cousin can lose her husband in a car accident after his daily trip to the gym.

We willingly chose this life. We knew the risks. We knew the benefits. But, even so, it is always such an unexpected surprise to have someone show their appreciation for the sacrifices we have to make as a military family.

Here's to free ice cream...

Until next time-

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Christi said...

Note to self: wear USMC sweatshirt whenever I am within 50 feet of an ice cream store. ;-)

j/k... but seriously, that's wonderful that someone took time and spent money to show appreciation for our guys... oohrah! ;-)

Miss you!!!