"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." -Emerson

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today my little lady and I had a mommy-daughter date to check out the mall in our new home as well as search for a Ball gown for me. She was her usual delightful self: filled with hi's, hello, buh-byes, mamamamama, and so much more. It got me thinking...if God had brought me a line of babies and said, "ok for one time and one time only, I am going to give you, a mortal, the chance to hand pick your child", she is hands down the one I would have selected. She is so smart, funny, and independent, which while it can be a struggle, is also a joy to see her become her own little person. If my child would have been that of another, I would have thought to myself, now that is the kid I wish I had. She is just that cool.

I guess I get confused by a lot of mothers I see out and about. So many seem to have lost that joy and adoration of their little ones. I know it is hard work, I know it is tiring, but so many mothers nowadays seem as though they wish they never had their precious gift from God. It is such a gift to get a second chance to view life from the eyes of innocence, from the eyes of the unscathed, from the eyes of the unbroken. Being an adult sucks more times than not, and it is just such a relief to see someone who isn't bogged down with the troubles of the world and who just wants to explore the possibilities that await her. I need that more than anything right now. I am so grateful for her and her cute, joy-filled spirit. The point of all this is to just remind myself of the joys I have in my life right now in the midst of hard times and as well as in times of the mundane or ordinary.

In other news, I did find a dress for the ball. It came at a cost for my little one. While at David's Bridal, I allowed her the opportunity to "explore" (aka get into trouble). She began running full speed, not realizing that no...that isn't just a big hallway, but rather a room full of mirrors. I couldn't help but laugh after she straight up Mario Andretti'ed herself into a wall of reflection. Ouch. Sorry kid, I'll pay the therapy bill on that one, but it was too funny.

Here's to the littlest BFF...whom I would have chosen had I been given the chance.

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Will and Jennifer Farmer said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't believe G slammed into the mirrors. Poor thing. (sorry - I can't help but giggle) Just the mental picture of little kids doing things like that crack me up. No worries, I'm sure Fiona will do it one day.

Claire Eva Katherine said...

LOL! Great post. Now let's see pics of the dress!!