"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." -Emerson

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feels good to mingle with these laid back country folks, huh Harr?

Well, today Grace and I went exploring our new "home." It seems it will be our new home for at least the next 4 years as hubby was told today that he would be permanently stationed here. I guess there is our answer. Part of me really wanted Cherry Point, but part of me wanted here because it is so close to Wilmington, which I am discovering is an awesome city. (I did live there for a summer back in college, but obviously, didn't get to explore it that much...) Anyway, hubby and I have been discussing potentially staying in the area we are currently in, living near the beach because well, we love the beach.

So, today baby and I ate at this cute little bakery/cafe. As we were coming out, Grace had shoved her face with goldfish and was holding my hand as we walked. This old lady walked past us and said, "What a cutie!" Grace didn't react as she was focused on walking and not choking. Then, the lady had the nerve to say, "Not very friendly, but cute!" At this point, enraged mommy disease kicked in and I thought of shoving the old lady off the curb. I know, I know...not very Christian. But, I just couldn't believe this woman had the audacity to say something in the 1.5 second interaction she had with my child and the fact that Grace is perhaps the happiest, friendliest kid out there. So, I walked past her and did not respond...mom did good and did not cause bodily harm to the mean local.

Then, we went to the nearby playground. While I was putting Grace in a swing, this bratty little kid, who looked to be Grace's twin in about 2 years, came up and started pushing the swing as I was trying to get her legs in. She kept saying, "no, this is my swing." I just grabbed Grace and we swang in piece together on another swing.

Afterwards, we headed to a "Luna Pops" store. It is basically an ice cream shop, but instead of ice cream, they sell homemade popsicles. Grace has nana as she likes to say and I a strawberry. It was fun just hanging out and exploring with my girl, in spite of the rudeness of those we encountered.

So, here's to finding your way around and not hitting old ladies ;).

Until next time-

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Will and Jennifer Farmer said...

Wow...good for you for not smacking the old lady. That bratty little kid is lucky I was in Raleigh. We would have had a talking. No-one pushes my neice around. HUMPH.