"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." -Emerson

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This week or past 10 days I should say, has been a time of redirection for me. One of those times of epiphany and change. It is hard when those things happen because you yourself will often notice or feel a change, but those around you do not know how your thoughts and your actions have been redirected.

My trip to NC caused me to go through a lot of changes. I spent several of my days there going to the hospital to visit our dear family friend who suffered a brain aneurysm. I believed in miracles before, but seeing her going from a period of a potential deadly situation to recovering to the point of being released from the hospital in just 10 days, reminded me of God's miraculous power. It also served as a reminder that we just never know what tomorrow or even the next moment, can hold. She bent down to pick up something from under the washer when a blood vessel burst in her brain. One moment changed her life in a very real way.

These past couple of months, I was getting closer and closer to the verge of getting off track: prioritizing things above those that should always hold the highest priority in my life-My God, My family, and myself (not in a selfish way...). Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a near disaster to redirect us.

We also spent 3 days at the Mountains during my visit. I cannot describe in words the breathtaking majesty of the area we visited. I am not even a mountain person, but I could not help but be amazed by God's craftsmanship. I laid on the back deck our final night and just stared at the stars. It was incredible. I could never have fathomed to create something like stars, but God did. Sometimes I move so fast, I miss those things. I am tired of missing those things.

The point of the scary stuff in life, the near misses and the actual hits, is to get us closer to understanding that we just don't know what any moment in our life is going to hold. We have to live each moment with that understanding or it all is for naught. We have to live each moment understanding that we only get one shot at life to make it the best we can. I needed redirection before I got off track. I hate the form in which it came, but I needed it. I thank God for it...

Sorry for the continued lining of melancholy...it will get better, I promise.

Until next time...

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