"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." -Emerson

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Almost 1 Year...

So, this blog was meant to be an outlet, a creative side outside of mommyhood, yet I find myself constantly pondering all things mommy...so it is to be expected that at times, my blogs may reflect my current major role in life.

Little Grace is about to turn ONE on Wednesday. I just am constantly amazed by how quickly our time on this earth falls through our clenched fingers. I so long to hold one to each passing moment, but with every blink of an eye and every exhaled breath, I cannot. The past year has been such a time of growth for this new life as well as for me. It is has changed me in ways I never expected, but one of the greatest changes was the immense amount of respect I have for life now. I long to preserve it now: my own, my child's, my husband's, and all those I encounter. I get outraged even more so than ever before at the absurd disregard to which some pay their own and others lives.

Life is fleeting. This is a fact. This is something I have learned to accept. However, it is because of this fact that I believe there is something more than these few short moments on this earth. There is something more meaningful than this blip that is our lives. But until we reach that time of more meaning, we have to make the moments here count. We have to enjoy every minute of the little lives God graces us with and every second of each day given to us. Learning to live in each present moment, as it may be our last, and enjoying every moment with those we love. It is cliche, but cliches are cliches because there is an element of truth, an element of shared experience.

Gracie turns one on Wednesday, but today is Saturday and I am soin love with the little one asleep in her bed right now who is 11 months and 27 days old.

Until next time...

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