"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." -Emerson

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just thought you'd like to know...

This whole writing thing has taken me in a direction and passion that I always knew existed, but never thought possible. It is funny because sometimes I feel like I shouldn't share with people that something has become of my writings because it feels prideful or like bragging.

But, I share this with you because I am completely humbled that anyone has given a second glance to the words I put on these electronic pages. God told me sometime ago to just, "Write!" And I've been doing that ever since, not thinking much would ever come. However, in my path He has placed several successful authors who share the same heart I have for both military wives and God's word.

One of them has graciously been working with me on a resource for military wives who desire to start a home based Bible study. She has also reviewed a Bible study I am writing for military spouses and has offered to help with the publishing process if I so choose.

Another has asked me to contribute regularly to her blog. Some of my writings can now be seen at:

And yet another has allowed my writings to be a part of her site and ministry as well:
It is easy to start patting yourself on the back when God allows even a small amount of "success" to come from the gifts He has given us. But, it can also bring such an amazing sense of humility that He even chooses to gift us imperfect beings in the first place. He can align things so perfectly, placing people along the way who just encourage the gifts and talents He has given us. When you step back, you realize what a BIG God He really is and how much He must truly love us to get involved in our details.

Here's to the something from nothing God...

Until next time,

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Lindsay (aka Linz) said...

I.am.SO.proud.of.you. :) God truly has blessed you with the gift of the written word and I'm so thankful that He is using you to be an inspiration to so many other women, including myself. You never know how obedience to Him will impact the lives of others -- we serve an awesome God, don't we? :)