"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." -Emerson

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hide and Seek...

"Show the wonder of your great love,
you who save by your right hand
those who take refuge in you from their foes.
Keep me as the apple of your eye;
hide me in the shadow of your wings."
Psalm 17:7-8

Do you ever get the urge to just run away from it all? To crawl into a room and hide somewhere in a dark corner? It may be a situation, it may be a person or it may just be the daily stresses of life that bring you to a point in which your one desire is to just bury yourself in a hidden place. I am going through a time like that right now: it has to do with life and situations, but a lot it just comes from a certain amount of fatigue that I can't seem to shake due to the work of life.

I told God this morning that I just wanted to run and hide. He didn't laugh. Well, He may have slightly chuckled like I do when my toddler does something that is just too adorable and it becomes even more adorable when I realize she doesn't even understand what she has done that is so stinkin' adorable. He didn't yell. He didn't get mad at me for thinking such a terrible thing. He just said, "okay." He said I could hide in Him. As storm clouds brew around me, I can just get behind his shield of protection and no one even has to know where I am. What a comfort that is in times when I am ready to throw in the towel! What a gift to know that when I decide to become turtle-like, I have the safest, strongest shell in which I can retract my little head in to.

We all need to retreat sometimes. We need to go back to our center, our homebase, recollect our thoughts and just get our head back on straight. We can do that in a secret place with Him. Then, when we get everything back into alignment, we can go back into the world and face the struggles, the sorrows, and the challenges once again with our greatest protector.

What a gift.

He also told me that He controls the storms. With a single breath, He can make a cloud move in another direction. With a single command, He can stop the storm all together. So, He didn't want me to worry about the storms. I decided He was right so I stopped worrying. Now, I am just going to hide until they pass.

Here's to hiding...

Until next time,



Bum said...

Does your closet have room for 1 more? I just heard this great song, called chasing pavements...it's so me right now. you can hear it on my blog.
HUGS from me!!!

Bum said...

oh yeah 1 more thing, my dad always says "Chin Up"!!! It always helps. Acknowledging things can be ruff, but a gentle boost of...it's gonna be ok.